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January 18 Challenge!

Good Tuesday morning Newcomerstown students:  
We hope you enjoy your snow day!  We have a little fun for you if your interested??
Update from yesterday's challenge:  We have done a great job so far. You have till 4:00pm today (1/18) to turn in pictures of you shoveling sidewalks or driveway.  We will have the drawing at 4:15 for a $50 dollar gift card. Pick out someone in your neighborhood that still needs help, and lend them a helping hand. Practice giving back to our community.  Stay tuned for today's challenge!??
The challenge for today is to get outside and build a snowman by yourself or with no more than two additional friends. 
Take a picture of the snowman built by you and no more than two of your friends.  Make sure that you are all in the picture and submit picture to Mr. Branch at [email protected] for an opportunity to win a gift card for each of you.  Please make sure you submit all names in pictures that are submitted. 
Happy building Newcomerstown students!