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We provide the best environment for education to “Every Student, Every Day!”

Being a graduate of Newcomerstown Schools means you are part of a small town atmosphere with a personal connection to staff, students and community members that extends beyond the walls of our buildings. For generations, our alumni have chosen to return to our community to raise their families because they value the character and confidence that only a small school district can nurture within students. In fact, most of our administration and many of our staff members are graduates of Newcomerstown High School. We are a community of individuals who have come home to work as a team and serve and improve the community that raised us.

As a district, we want our students to be better prepared to succeed in college and the workplace. Moreover, we hope that they are able to contribute positively to our community while in school and after graduation. Our guidance counselor, principals, and staff are there for our students to ensure that every student has the best opportunity possible to become an NHS graduate. The Newcomerstown Schools’ staff cares about the students that come through our doors every day. As teachers and administrators, we make decisions about instruction and assessment in the best interest of all of our students. We feel our curriculum is outstanding due to our collective focus on student learning, as well as the purposeful, meaningful conversations our teachers and administrators have about student learning.


Community members also support the school in many ways by encouraging kids in the community to do well in school. Through cooperative relationships with our community business leaders, our students learn responsibility and gain self-esteem. Many students have found success by working side by side with members of our community. Our Middle School is currently working as the centerpiece for a Community Connections Grant that strives to help our community members, our schools, and our area businesses through project based learning and job-related skills. This grant is a collaborative grant with the Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce, the Christ United Methodist Church of Newcomerstown, the Newcomerstown Rotary Club and the Newcomerstown Public Library. Our students are encouraged to not only be a part of the community but to also give back to the community through volunteering with our local charitable organizations such as Journey’s End Ministries, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Leo Club. As part of our desire to better our community, we have implemented a summer lunch program to help feed the children of the community during the summer break. This past summer the Newcomerstown Public Library tied our summer lunch program to the summer reading program, this allowed us to serve over three thousand summer lunches at no cost to our children or community. We strive to use positive life experiences within our community to emphasize the importance of a quality education.

We intend to provide our students with an education that builds their intellect, improves their ability to solve complex problems, and increases their ability to work and cooperate with others. Teachers at East Elementary have been trained on gifted traits and characteristics. Each year they refer kindergarten or first-grade students for possible gifted identification. Our West Elementary is participating in the Total School Cluster Grouping Study with Purdue University. Purdue University provides gifted professional development to all West Elementary teachers, including gifted traits, flexible grouping, and differentiation. Newcomerstown Middle School offers advanced courses for high ability students including honors classes, Algebra I and Spanish I. The High School not only offers honors courses but also offers College Credit Plus classes which provide the students the opportunity to earn college credit online through Stark State University or on campus at Kent State University Tuscarawas. Across our district, we provide the students the best education possible through classes that challenge and inspire our students.

Our philosophy of “Every Student, Every Day” encourages our staff to tirelessly focus their energies and talents in helping students reach their goals. The special education department at Newcomerstown provides first class instruction, supports, and services. Our top-notch staff of intervention specialists and related service personnel bring with them a diverse mixture of experiences, training, and expertise to meet the individual needs of every student. Not only do students with disabilities benefit from inclusive educational practices, they also thrive under the individualized attention provided by our highly qualified staff. Specialty areas such as reading endorsements, training, and certification in Autism, low vision supports, positive behavior intervention systems, sensory rooms, utilization of technology, and ongoing professional development ensure that we are always prepared to meet the needs of our students. Along with open communication, a network of special education professionals, and community resources we are working together with parents to provide an outstanding education to our children with special needs.

Annual Franklin B. Walter All- Scholastic Award

On April 12th, Kate Montgomery was awarded the 28th Annual Franklin B. Walter All- Scholastic Award for Tuscarawas County.
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