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Wellness Policy

School Wellness Policy

Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District
The Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District is committed to creating a healthy school environment that enhances the development of lifelong wellness practices to promote healthy eating and physical activities that support student achievement.
Nutrition Education
Students in grades K-5 will receive nutrition education as part of their Health Education classes and their Physical Education classes. Students in grade 6-8 will complete a course of health education as part of our Physical Education/Health curriculum. At the high school level, all ninth grade students are required to take a Health education class for one semester. As part of the course, the students will learn about nutrition. The focus of nutrition education at all levels will be based on the current recommendations of the US Department of Agriculture.
Nutrition education will continue to be a high priority for the district's Food Service Department. In an effort to promote collaboration between the service department and the educators, the Director of Food Service Department will attend monthly administrative meetings. Food service personnel will also communicate monthly menus and nutrition education to the staff. Any professional development offered to educators will also be made available to the Food Service Department. Whenever possible educators and Food Service personnel will work together to enhance the nutrition education provided to our students and their families.
Resources and information about education will be provided to families in the monthly newsletter sent out from each building. Further nutrition information will be made available to families and all community members on the district’s website.
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